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Logic is the new black.


27 February 1984
antoni gaudi, antonin dvorak, arabic, atheism, austin swing syndicate, bad religion, balboa, belle & sebastian, ben charest, berlioz, blues dancing, boondock saints, bowling, breakfast club, brian eno, bright colors, btvs, chaim potok, charleston, cheese sandwiches, chess the musical, chile con queso, chopin, classic children's literature, clone high, coffeehouses, comic books, computer programmers, crazy german board games, curiosity, cute shoes, cyberpunk, david bowie, david foster wallace, discordianism, django, drinking games, drolleries, edward gorey, edward t. hall, elvis costello, ethics, fables, fight club, fire cheetos, folktales, four on the floor, french, gang of four, goat cheese, guinness, halloween costumes, henry rollins, hermann hesse, hiking, hot tea, infinite jest, intellectual history, interior design, italo calvino, jacques barzun, john peel, jon stewart, jonathan lethem, julian barnes, jurassic five, knitting, kurt vonnegut, late night diners, lewis carroll, libraries, lindyhop, live theater, logic games, lots of bad coffee, magnetic fields, manu chao, max ernst, men, metafiction, metaphysics, meximarts, middle eastern studies, mike patton, mingus, miyazaki, mr. bungle, murphy's irish stout, mushrooms, my cat, my little pony, mythology, neal stephenson, neil hannon, network, nina simone, of montreal, old movies, oz, paul auster, persian art, pet shop boys, philosophy, piranesi, plinky plinky clarinet music, potlucks, psychology, queen, reproductive freedom, roald dahl, robert anton wilson, robertson davies, roger zelazny, salami, sam cooke, scenic carpentry, scissor sisters, semiotics, sex, silent films, simpsons, smelly cheeses, south park, spanish, star trek, steampunk, stuff from gramma's attic, swing dancing, taco cabana, tattoos, the brothers karamazov, the future of society, the pixies, the x-files, theory of mind, they might be giants, tim hardin, true love, umberto eco, ut austin, warren ellis, water volleyball, west coast swing, whimsy, william gibson, world travel, yann tiersen, yehoodi, your mom